Alright everyone, this is Kenna, co-capt.

I, actually, am no longer doing the challenge. BUT, I am still co-capt.

Your stats go here, to this blog. Emails go to my blog(

Monday Jan 17 @ 06:53pm

gardennes-deactivated20140107 said: okay, so should I send my email to that blog definedeyes? is my new blog.- Kenna,

Monday Jan 17 @ 06:52pm

thinlovely-deactivated20110201 said: please make sure to inform all members of your team that I still need there stats after each biweekly challenge! I'd like to calculate the points and stuff, then pass the information onto the captains. You are more than welcome to also keep track of their stats, but please make sure they know to also give them to me.
thanks, dolls.


Wednesday Jan 12 @ 08:27am
Please, send your email to definedeyes, do not send your stats there, send them here. Your email MUST go to definedeyes. Sunday Jan 9 @ 10:05am

luisalunatic said: to who do i send my stats to?

Right here (:

Monday Jan 3 @ 08:11pm

Anonymous said: hi c:
can you please help promote this?

“…there will be a new challenge coming up. It’s a charity challenge, called ‘For A Cause’. It’s a fundraising challenge! The money we earn from it will be donated to World Vision, where it is most needed. It’s for a good cause. The challenge will be open for application soon. At about 12PM-2PM GMT+7, In between that time the challenge will be open for us to apply. But if you can’t do the challenge, then at least sponsor or donate >////< Not asking for money, but it would help a lot of people, and we are not keeping the money, we are donating them. And if you win the challenge you will also receive a prize! If you donate, the money goes to the children who barely have any food and clothes. They will be really happy this year :)”

Sunday Jan 2 @ 11:09am

Anonymous said: to who and where to i send my stats too? I'm so confuzed.

You send them here, us captains need your stats, But make sure you also sent your stats to thinlovely.

Saturday Jan 1 @ 06:04pm
EVERYONE ! Please send your emails to co-captain

And the member’s page will no longer be password protected (:

Saturday Jan 1 @ 02:34pm
Before I start sending out the password, should the team page stay on private or should I take it off password? Saturday Jan 1 @ 08:50am

Anonymous said: do we send our stats here or so we send them to thinlovely? im sorry to bother you.

You send them here, if you’ve already sent them to thinlovely (:

Friday Dec 31 @ 08:16pm

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